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Years of youth ministry experience as student pastors, leaders, camp directors, and many other roles has taught us many lessons. But one lesson has stood above all the rest.


The stress we often felt was not because of the many hats we wore and responsibilities on our plates, but instead due to the time we wasted on things that did no matter or could have been done by someone else.

Our ministry's lack of growth was not because we did not have a great vision or the right room setup. It was because we often wasted time on things that did not matter instead of working to make time for the thing that does, relationships.

So we made the shift to create a library of resources and tools, including Disciple Now curriculum, that we could pull from so we could take our focus off the mundane details of the day and move it to the reasons we got into ministry in the first place, investing in students.

Then we realized we were not alone. There must be other busy youth pastors out there going through the same struggles of not enough time to do the things that matter. The things that bring us joy. The things that make a difference in the lives of students.

So we created the Youth Ministry Toolbox for busy student pastors just like you so that you could have one place to get what you need for your ministry.

So you have a choice. Do you continue down the path of stress and frustration and never having enough time to invest in your family and students the way you know you should? Or do you choose to simplify your processes, have everything in one place, and invest all the time you save in things that actually matter.